Intimate Visions - Personal Touches-

This first book is a collection of my work from the last 5 years. It is broken down into sections of Waves, Birds, NatureScapes and ShoreScapes. Most images are from Oregon and some from California.  It is a soft cover version, 8" x 6" 72 pages. The link above will take you to Amazon to review/purchase

IV: THE BRIDGE (ebook)

Intimate Visions - The Bridge

This volume is more of a local Oregon Coast themed book.  It centers around the Yaquina Bay Bridge. Shots were taken from 2013- 2021.  It is a soft cover book, 81 pages, also 8" x 6" .  The link above will take you Amazon to review/purchase.

Untitled photo

Intimate Visions - Ship Art

 The images are, mostly of Commercial Fishing Vessels and equipment, captured along the Coast of Oregon. These are my original images to show the beauty of these floating businesses that work in the Pacific Northwest. I think of these vessels as I do Farm Machinery, an important part of feeding the world's population.  100 pages


Intimate Visions -  Oregon Coastal Forest

There are many, many forests in the US, and I've traveled to many of them, Including Alaska the North East, South East, and the California Redwood Forest, But no forest is as magical and enticing as the Oregon Coastal Forest in the Pacific Northwest.  In this book, which was years of collecting images, gives you an opportunity to discover this Mystical Land. Whether you are resident of Oregon, a visitor, or have never been to Oregon, I hope this book motivates you to get outside and experience nature.


Intimate Visions - Oregon Shore Scapes

The Oregon Coast is a mysterious, mystical and magical experience. This is a book of Art with my visions of the coast and shore of Oregon. The coast of Oregon is unique in the Pacific Northwest, as its very rocky shore causes the delivery of amazing Wave scapes and beautiful Ocean Art. I invite you to feel what I see on the Oregon Coast, whether you have never visited the Oregon Coast, or are a first time visitor, frequent visitor or resident, this book will provide you views of the Oregon Coast and Shore that are unique and captures Nature's beautiful Art.   


Oregon Style - Walking Newport

 Newport Oregon is a small town on the mid-Oregon Coast. The natural beauty and unique images of the Commercial Fishing Industry as well as intimate places known to residents are highlighted in the volume, and views during a rare snowstorm special places throughout the city. If you have never been, plan on coming, have visited, or live in Newport this is a great keepsake photo book that makes a nice addition to your library/. All images are original images shot by a professional Image Creator and Newport resident.

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