Available Formats

These are some of the standard sizes. However custom sizes are available for your project.

Product           Standard Sizes (inches)

Metal                                   12 x 12   >  48 x 98 

Wood (maple)                     8 x 12     >  12  x 48 x96         

Canvas                                 5 x 7        >  40 x 60

Acrylic                                  4 x 4     >  43 x 96

Frame and dbl matte         Sizes vary depending on Frame

Clusters/Splits                   Various Sizes available, please contact


Because of many customizable variables, including sizes, media, delivery and custom work, each piece is priced individually,  Prices range from fifty  dollars, to high four figures.  Use the contact link on the left menu to let me know what image interests you. All images are created when ordered, customized for you. Some of the portfolios allow you to self purchase and crop pictures for various media. Once something is ordered through the self service purchasing, I will personally review the order, and contact you if I feel a better cropping or size would bring out the best in the image

Untitled photo


All images are available for licensing, for any sort of usage you may need.  Including social media, adverting, print or online.  Various licensing schedules are available, from yearly, onetime and unrestricted.   To discuss pricing and availability, contact me directly by using the CONTACT link on the left menu.

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