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When the world is not beautiful anymore, and I feel trapped in my house, I untangle myself from the net of worries that has ensnared me, and I go walking among those who know better than I do. I can tell I am late because so many of the wise are waiting to greet me. The first welcome greeting softens me, and I say a quiet “hello to you too, and thank you” to my wise new friend.

  • Forest Colors

    Hiking through the Oregon Coastal Forest, the colors pop as fall approaches. Purchase Options

  • River Walking

    Purchase Options One of my favorite things to do during the "dry season" is River Walking. I park in some of my favorite places and grab my stuff and walk the river. The Alsea river in most places is low, and slow running so you can walk with a good pair boots and a camera. This was in the Siuslaw National Forest. It was almost 90 degrees where I was and everything was very still in most places, with little wind reaching the river bed. Here is just a shot as I stopped to take in the view.

Some of my guides remind me that I am free, and I soar with them over waves of breezes and oceans. I don’t care where we are going, I only care that we are rising. I can see so much farther than I could see before. I listen in on conversations that only the quiet mind can hear. My new friends do not mind my eavesdropping; they seem grateful for my company and glad to share their day with me. In fact, I think they are talking about me, and they are saying good things. And the conversation does not end there. Even the leaves whisper my name, whisper the way to peace and comfort, and I follow their beckoning rustle down golden paths that bend toward possibilities.. The familiarity that comes from each walk through the Oregon Coast Forest help my return to the Beautiful.

It comes time to end my getaway, and I reluctantly turn to go. My last new friend rises up and peers at me, as if to say, “Going so soon?” “Yes,” I answer to my peering friend, “but only long enough to gather today’s wisdom and tuck it away where I can find it again, then I will be back for more. I return to my house and my untangled net, but I am not alone. So many of the wise creatures I met have come home with me.

  • Intimate Moment

    Intimate moments between 2 Geese. Purchase Options Sample Room

  • neptune Beach

    A detour to Neptune Beach brought this surprise sunrise.

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