Morning Bridge in Red

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Red Dawn

Wherever  you may live, there is danger from natural as well as human made occurrences that could threaten  you life.   Living amongst Oregon's beauty there is always the change of fires, highlands, incredible storms and high surf and king tides,   During the first full week of September two of these things came to gather in Oregon and the Oregon Coast.  Very high winds and forest fires combined to turn the coast sky into a red and orange glow.  The winds were coming from the East, where most of the fires were and the smoke blew into the coast and out to sea, giving us mornings I call Red Dawn.  Here are a few images and a video of these mornings.  

The first image show the Yaquina Bay Bridge on the morning of 09/08/20.  This is about 7 am. 

The Newport Working Commercial Bayfront was Red in the morning, as this image shows.  Some of the vessels went out but many stayed in not know for sure of Newport was going to have any kind of evacuation imposed.

The video just shows around the area of the Bayfront with all the red and orange smoke mixed in with the fog.

Bay front in Red

Smoky flight

Red Dawn Video (on YouTube)

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