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Bill considers his work, Image Creating, with a Photography Foundation. Having spent his teenage and young adult years in the San Francisco area in the 60s/70s, Bill developed an original creative style to image creating at a young age, a style which cries freedom from restraint that the unique era San Francisco is known for. Photography allows Bill a creative outlet and the love of the outdoors into one passion. Bill runs the gamut of creations, from outdoor, nature and wildlife work, commercial products, Photojournalism, live events and abstract imagining. Digital Art allows Bill to customize the work for a client’s living or business space, or a gallery's theme or project, down to the actual color compatibility with the space. All work is special order and many are limited edition works. Bill can also provide rental of images for staging needs for Real Estate, Auctions and Designers.

Some of the portfolios allow you, as a visitor to buy selected images, on metal or high quality paper. Most of the work is custom produced when ordered, no matter how you wish to purchase, and because Bill  produces images of various types, contact Bill first so he can discuss and make sure you get the best presentation for the image.

Experiencing the world, capturing the world, by seeing the world.

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